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According to the EPA every year in the United States over 220 million tons of waste go to landfills. States, municipalities, businesses and individuals are attempting to reduce that number with agressive recycling programs. These programs are not just aimed at a reduction of landfill space; but encompass general accepted recycling facts on energy reduction of new materials, increased economic impact, job creation, and saving our natural resources.

Each year more businesses are started in the recycling industry and yet fail due to not achieving the volume of materials necessary to become a viable and important part of their community's recycling effort. With our knowledge and approach, we can help your business achieve your goals to assist you in success. Once you contact us, we will begin to research the appropriate market(s) for the best possible pricing and transportation for your materials. Once your best options have been determined, we will contact you with the details of the possible transaction, to include shipping and terms as they apply to your transaction.

At National Waste Consultants, LLC we are part of the recycling solution not only through our recycling operations; but, by assisting you to generate a return on your waste. By utilizing our vast network in the recycling industry; we will broker your recyclable materials on the open market in a professional, efficient manner while maximizing your profit. We will negotiate on your behalf the best possible terms and you will always have the final approval.


Make bulky item recycling so convenient and easy that nothing with recycling value gets thrown into the landfill.

Provide strategic planning, research, education and technical assistance in the removal of large bulky items from the waste stream to the public, businesses and local governments.

Maximize bulky waste recycling and economic development opportunities.

Serve as a pro-active public policy advocate for long term solutions to our challenges.
Partner with organizations with compatible goals.